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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Jul 31, 2019

#85 My awesome guest this week is Niraj Naik, an ex-pharmacist turned holistic health and breathwork expert.
Breathwork has become a big part of my practice, and I was excited to get Niraj on the show to discuss his SOMA breathwork techniques. Also known as the Renegade Pharmacist, he has been on quite a journey and had to overcome some serious health conditions. Today we dive into his journey, how he overcame his challenges and how the breath helped him along the way. Enjoy!
About Niraj: Niraj Naik is a qualified pharmacist who comes from a background of working long hours for several years as a community pharmacist.  Becoming a certified “legal drug dealer” at the ripe age of 24, he got to witness first-hand, many clients going home with shopping bags full of drugs each month, rarely getting better and usually going on to suffer from other diseases. He also learnt of the debilitating side effects of the prescription medication which drove many of the patients to have to take more and more drugs to ease the side effects.

Curious to find ways to improve his own health he attended several health seminars and discovered an in-depth approach on how to reach optimum health and vitality by understanding the true origin of disease and how to prevent it. After experiencing great benefits with his own health, Niraj was motivated to devise a scheme to see if he could also help his suffering patients. He incorporate a lifestyle plan called his "healthy shopping lists' that includes simple food swaps, tools and websites to support their specific condition.

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