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Let It In with Guy Lawrence

Sep 27, 2021

#188 This week, I’m here with the amazing RJ Spina. RJ is an educator that teaches the higher consciousness, metaphysics of self-healing and self-realization. After a lethal infection in his spine left him paralyzed from the chest down, RJ withdrew into himself to heal. And within a year of his injury, he succeeded in healing himself from a paralysis thought to be permanent.  During our conversation today, we discuss the incredible story of how RJ was able to heal himself and what advice he gives to people wishing to command their own fates. We also discuss the ego and its role, how we can be in command of our own lives, and how the cycle of everyday stress can be broken.

If you are someone who feels out of alignment with your heart, then this is the episode for you.

“Don't think outside the box, remove the box. Now, you can do anything that you set your intention to do.”

About RJ: RJ Spina is an educator and has been an avid meditator for well over twenty years and has taught countless people this sacred practice. In early 2016, RJ became deathly ill. A lethal infection had gotten into his spine, crushing it, causing permanent paralysis from the chest down despite taking a two-month course of very strong antibiotics. He required emergency surgery and remained hospitalized for 2 months.

Upon awakening, literally and figuratively from surgery, he told everyone he would heal himself not only from being permanently paralysed from the chest down but from the multiple diseases including hypothyroidism, diabetes, Hashimoto’s auto immune disease and autonomic dysreflexia. Within one year, has accomplished exactly that. He is no longer paralysed and shows no indications of any of the diseases he was diagnosed with and takes absolutely no medications. Even the mystery lethal infection that months of antibiotics could not cure have been resolved.

RJ's Website:

RJ’s Book:

Key points with time stamp:

  • Overcoming Chest Down Paralysis with Mediation (00:00)
  • Teaching the metaphysics of self-healing (00:13)
  • What is self-realization and how can it be achieved? (01:21)
  • The story of RJ’s permanent paralysis (09:21)
  • Do dire circumstances have to be permanent life sentences? (12:49)
  • Are support systems absolutely crucial during difficult moments? (15:44)
  • How can people do the impossible for themselves? (18:56)
  • The biggest obstacle against commanding our own destiny (20:28)
  • The purpose of the ego (22:46)
  • How can you use the ego to serve YOU? (24:27)
  • What is the first action we can take to heal? (27:15)
  • To what extent do our minds affect our bodies? (30:15)
  • Breaking the cycle of stress in our day to day lives (33:35)
  • How do you know when you’re in alignment with the self? (37:28)
  • Can anyone reach high levels of self-realization and alignment? (40:27)
  • Is death really the end? (42:47)
  • RJ’s daily routine (46:48)
  • Can achieving higher consciousness fit into your daily routine? (48:02)
  • “As yourself: what am I trying to achieve?” (51:02)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Anita Moorjani
  • Roger Bannister
  • Wayne Dyer

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